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The EcoFishMan group

The EcoFishMan group taken at the kick-off meeting in Iceland.

The EcoFishMan project is funded by

EU-flag  FP7

Latest News
  • EcoFishMan at FDI 5 March

    FAO headquater RomeA one day EcoFishMan session was held 5 march in Italy, Rome as part of the ICES conference "Fishery Dependent Information 2014" more

  • Final meeting and symposium

    The final shrimpproject meeting and symposium were held 27th and 28th February 2014 in Rome - Italy More

  • Portuguese Crustacean Fishery

    shrimpOn 20 November, in Lisbon, EcoFishman partners, held a meeting with Portuguese and Spanish stakeholders representing about 90% of the fleet licences, to propose a set of conclusions. More

  • North Sea Case

    Meeting in North Sea mixed demersal fishery case September 9th 2013 - more info

    A Baudron - Aberdeen

       Alan Baudron (University of Aberdeen)

Welcome to the EcoFishMan website

EcoFishMan is a project that aims to develop and contribute to the implementation of a new integrated fisheries management system in Europe based on increased stakeholder involvement: An ecosystem-based sustainable management system under a precautionary framework that will define maximum acceptable negative impact, target elimination of discards, and maintain economic and social viability. Read more about EcoFishMan.

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