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The EcoFishMan group

The EcoFishMan group taken at the kick-off meeting in Iceland.

The EcoFishMan project is funded by

EU-flag  FP7

Latest News
  • Article released

    An article with the title "Results based management in fisheries: Delegating responsibility to resource users" is now available. More

  • Management plan audit report

    The report "Audit Framework for Management Plan Evaluation" is now available here

  • Deliverables available

    All the EcoFishMan project deliverables with public access are now available for download more

  • First possible European RFMS

    A octopus fishery pilot study stakeholder meeting was held in Portugal on April 30 2104. This study is an attempt to develop an RFMS in Portugal.

    It will be developed under the ecofishman methodology and, if implemented, this will be the first successful RFMS of Europe More

Welcome to the EcoFishMan website

EcoFishMan is a project that aims to develop and contribute to the implementation of a new integrated fisheries management system in Europe based on increased stakeholder involvement: An ecosystem-based sustainable management system under a precautionary framework that will define maximum acceptable negative impact, target elimination of discards, and maintain economic and social viability. Read more about EcoFishMan.

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